Golden Pavilion

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Be it capped by snow in winter or set against a lush green background in summer, nothing is as symbolic of Kyoto as Kinkaku-ji’s golden reflection shimmering across the rippled surface of the pond before it.

Not even the crowds of tourists — and they come by the thousands — can detract from Kinkaku-ji’s undoubted splendor. The current gold leaf-coated reconstruction was unveiled in 1955, five years after the 14th-century original was torched by one of the temple’s monks.

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Limited Edition

This artwork is part of a Limited Edition of 50 prints.  Only 50 prints are available of this image ever.  Once all 50 of the prints in this edition have sold, it will never be printed again.  This image is available in many different sizes. If you can’t find your size in the option, please send me a msg and we will figure something out.

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There is nothing more exciting than selling a piece of art I made. I always feel a rush of excitement and accomplishment, as well as gratitude to the client who has just purchased my art. And I convinced when I say to my clients, “Congratulations, you got a great piece!“. With every purchase, I’m able to continue my journey, and I promise to never stop “making” pictures.

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ultraHD Photo Print, ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass


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